Thursday, April 3, 2008

How To Till A Garden: Tilling Your Soil

When To Till A Garden

Before you can learn how to till a garden you need to know when to till a garden. For most people, the best time for tilling dirt is in the spring. Before tilling your soil you must wait for two things. The soil must be dry enough and warm enough. If you do not wait for these two things, you may be causing more harm than good to your soil and plants.

To see if your soil is dry enough, pick up a hand full and squeeze it in your hand. If the ball of soil in your hand fall apart when poked, the soil is dry enough. If it stays together in a ball, the soil is too wet for tilling.

To see if the soil is warm enough, stick your hand or a finger a few inches down into the soil. If you are unable to keep your hand or finger in the soil for a full minute, than the soil is not warm enough. You can also simply measure the soil temperature. You need the soil to be at least 60F before tilling and planting.

How to till a garden

After you have determined when to till a garden , you can start tilling the dirt.
Mark out the area where you will be tilling your soil.
Start at one end of the marked out area with your tiller. Much like you would when you are mowing the lawn, go across the soil one row at a time.
Slowly make your rows. Do not rush tilling your soil.
You will only be tilling the dirt in each row 1 time. Do not go back over a row. Excessive tilling can compact the soil rather than break it up.

We began tilling our garden yesterday the second of April 2008, the ground was perfect for tilling. Next to make the rows and mounds for the vegetables that we will be transplanting when the weather remains warm with no chance of a freeze. The above picture is of my helper tilling the soil with his one tine tiller.