Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Kittens, the Mole and Squirrels

Stanley and Stuart Little at younger age

We have two kittens that are four months old, one is pure white except with two light colored patches by each other and the other is pure black. Now we are letting them go outside more often as they are getting older.

Yesterday we realized that they are going to be good hunters. Because we have a vegetable garden and there was a mole tunneling in it. Which caught the eye of our white kitten, who's name is Stanley. He crept up on it as closely as possible then went in for the kill, guess what, he caught it and killed it. Hurray for him, now we don't have the mole tunneling in our garden.

Stanley and Stuart Little ( that's the black kitten's name) have also been chasing the squirrels out of our garden. We have also noticed that they seem to know the path in which each squirrel goes on they journey. They will wait in certain spots in the yard like they know where the best place is to attack they prey.

Well today Stanley was just laying in wait for his target, he didn't kill the squirrel but he did take off a portion of his tail. I just wonder now if that individual squirrel will change his route and take a different path than he has so many times before or will he continue to stay on that same path as always.

By Rita Wimbs