Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Article and Photo's by Florita


The other day the thunderhead clouds rolled in to Paradise, the skies rumbled and the lightening struck. The firemen had already put out a large fire the week before the was daubed the Humboldt fire, loosing about 75 homes. This was the last thing our county needed more fires.

The lightening sparked several more fires in our county, as of today they are still fighting them trying not to loose any more homes. We thank all the fire departments for all their hard work.

I took this picture today (6-23-06) of our garden and to show you how smoky it is here in Paradise. The picture also has a tree covered in ivy that we prune to look like that. It is unusual don't you think, we keep pruning it so the other part of the tree doesn't block the sun from hitting our garden . We need all the full sun we can get.