Friday, June 27, 2008

Amazing Garden Progress

Hi Folks: This is my weekly progress report on our garden, it's amazing how much some plants will grow in only a weeks time and others are slow to grow. I am so excited and can not wait to start eating and freezing the vegetables and fruits we are growing.

garden plants

First is our Romaine lettuce, it's growing tall and strong.

tomato plants

Next is 2 out of 5 of our tomato plants, they are another parts of a good salad.


This is one of our squash plants (good for our salad and stir fry) that I am training to grow up my homemade fence so that they don't over come our garden.


Look closely and you'll see we have string beans on our plants, another stir fry ingredients.


Our corn field is six per row times 3 rows, just a little corn field but enough for two people, I will be freezing them for later use, that is if we do better that last year, the biggest cob we got was about four inches long.

garden sight site

This is our potato bin, as a first time grower of potatoes we have to play it by ear. From the looks of it they seem to be doing well but only time will tell.


Our small pumpkin patch looks to be doing well, my husband want to try and grow the largest pumpkin around. Keep looking to see if he succeeds.

tomato plants

This is a picture of what they call a tomato tree. I ordered two plants or what they said were plants and it turned out to be seeds in those bio-degradable containers. Anyway we kept them and watered them, they are growing well, their leaves are hairy, not like other tomato plants. Only time will tell if they produce the tomatoes that they claim they will grow. Plant cuttings