Thursday, June 19, 2008

Garden 6-19-2008

Today we have to weed outside of the garden because our plants that have tendrils are starting to grasp a hold of them, I gently unhooked them and attached them to the line we have running around our garden.

I also went out and sprayed our plants with dish soap and water mixture(like in my previous article) to kill the ants and bugs that were eating at the leaves, ants really like to chew up sunflower plants but I got them little buggers.

bhut jolokia_plants_greenhouse_garden tips

Our Garden is really starting to grow, in only one week we can really tell the difference


Look at our pumpkin, we now need to train them to grow where we want them to go.


Squash Plant, it's tenticles started to latch on to weeds outside our garden , I had to hook them to our line we have running around as a fence.

vegetables_garden_ plants

One of our bhut jolokia plants