Saturday, August 30, 2008

Grow Organic and Heal More Than Just Your Body

By Matthew Stonewell Guilbault [ 05/03/2007 ]

Growing your own organic vegetables offers a very a very comforting feeling because you know where the food came from. These days I can't even look at vegetables and fruits without a discerning eye. Then there's the issue with food safety at fast food restaurants. It's getting pretty darn scary these days with intestinal disorders growing at an epidemic rate. I for one am plagued with Chrohn's Disease and know several others with some form of digestive ailment. We can't trust foods in this day and age if we don't know where they came from. There's also the factos of stress and eating on the run but that's another story.

Organic gardening becomes very rewarding when you take a formerly barren area of your yard or even inside and convert it into a bounty of food and flowers!! What's even more amazing is that you can use every day, biodegradable kitchen waste. Things like lettuce, Banana peels and egg shells. You can toss the scraps into a composter in your yard or you can get a worm composter and compost year round inside.

After a while recycling biodegradables into wholesome soil becomes rather addictive because the rewards are so great on all levels. When you really start getting into the observation of just how many levels gardening effects, it's much more than initially meets the eye. There are the not so obvious health improvements that we don't immediately realise. Things like creating cleaner air and welcoming good bugs and bacteria into our living area.

There are also many ways to harvest the rainwater from your own roof with rain barrels. You can save thousands of gallons of water per year in some regions. Rain water harvesting also helps in controlling erosion where if left alone in some cases could cause structural damage and wash out roadways or road ways.

All in all these issues are yet more viable reasons to go organic. It's just a shift in your thinking. "Reality is Perception"!!
About the author:
Matthew Stonewell Guilbault is a consultant with over 15 years experience in customer service, management, marketing and promotion. He currently is in development of several websites that are based on building a more proactive, sustaining lifestyle. Matt bases his business efforts on good will in effort to create lasting relationships that impact our lives on an inner and outward level.

In addition, Matthew is an accomplished song writer, recording engineer, audio systems designer and producer.