Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our Granddaughter and Garden 6-11-2008


Jada and Our Potato Planter

Our 6 year old granddaughter, excuse me she said almost 7 because her birthday is the first week of August spent the night last night. She loves to come and help work in our garden and yard. She is learning how to use various types of lawn and garden tools. Today she will be learning to use a hand pruners and cultivators as I call them. She had already used the large clippers to cut back the ivy so to keep it away from our garden area. She is so cute out there working with her little hands. Here are some of our new garden pictures I took today.

Jada posing in our small corn field

I was so excited when we went to check out the progress of the garden today, I haven't been out there for a few days. You see I work 12 hours a day at the local hospital and by the time I get home I'm tired and just want to rest. And since our garden has an automatic watering system we installed it doesn't require daily work. So on my days off like today I get to see the changes in the growth process.


Jada standing behind one of our Tomato plants

I took several pictures of our gardens progress today, Jada wanted to be in some of the pictures and I thought that it was a great idea. It is also a way to see how tall some of the plants are in comparison to my granddaughter, Jada. The above pictures are her and three of our vegetables.

The next pictures are of some of our other vegetables that have small vegetables growing on them, I can taste them already.

Squash, peas and hot pepper plants bearing fruit

Next is the pride of the lot since they have been so temperamental to grow, these are pictures of our Bhut Jolokia hot pepper plants. So far they look like they are doing fairly well considering this is our first try at growing them. Only time will tell, we still will have to hand pollinate them so they will produce the peppers, we are already keeping them isolated in our greenhouse so they will be pure bhut jolokia's. We will keep updating you as to their progress.

bhut jolokia, plants

Bhut Jolokia Plants