Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter Greenhouse


Winterizing our Greenhouse

Today we put all of our bhut jolokia pepper plants into our greenhouse. They are late bloomers so we are trying to insulate our greenhouse in order to grow them through the winter.

We also put our tomato trees in the greenhouse, it will sure be nice if we can have fresh garden tomatoes during the cold months. We do not buy tomatoes from the grocery store, they do not taste as good as ours do, not much flavor to them.

Then we went and bought a bale of straw, some more fertilizer, and good soil. We transplanted a few plants that needed it, fertilized them all and insulated the greenhouse with the straw.

Now we wait, we might have to put a grow light in our greenhouse if the weather gets to nasty and our plants need more light and heat.

This is our first winter to try and grow in our greenhouse, just like ever thing else we will just have to learn from trial and error.

Hopefully all will do well!