Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Garden- Updated

Earlier Garden Picture

We started our plants from seeds in March and placed them in our small indoor greenhouse that I had purchased this year, keeping light on them to help them flourish into plants. Then in April when they had began to grow we then took them outside to grow in our larger outdoor greenhouse. After what we thought was to be the last freeze we planted them.

Little did we know that there would be one more mild freeze, so hearing of the chance that it would possibly get close to freezing we covered most of the plants with the plastic containers that we had cut the plants out of. Still we lost a few of our squash plants, lucky for us everything else survived.

Last year was our first garden and hopefully we will learn each year how to make our garden flourish even more than the year before. That is why we bought the indoor and outdoor hothouses, realizing that we don't get all the sun we need, they help give our plants a head start on the growing season.

Now our outside greenhouse is used for growing our Bhut Jolokia hot peppers, starting flowers and later to begin preparing for our winter fruit, vegetable and flowers.

One day our landscaping around our house will be covered with all the flowers that we grew ourselves or started from bulbs.


The vegetables in this picture are of just a few of the plants that we have been growing in our garden this year. I can hardly wait until we can start eating them and freezing them for stir fry meal and such.

Stay tuned for more updated pictures of our vegetables garden!

Written By: Rita Arano