Sunday, March 23, 2008

Plantings Vegetables

Using your garden layout map which you created in the planning stages, use stakes to mark out where different rows will be planted.

Build your trellises or set in stout stakes for climbing plants such as peas and beans. Create mounds on which you will put in the vining plants such as cucumbers,pumpkins and melons.

Don't forget to establish your pathways early so that you won't be walking across areas which will be planted. You don't want to be compacting the soil which you have worked so hard to fluff up.

You are now ready to sow your seeds, and to put in your vegetable bedding plants. Planting depths and spacing are critical, so don't crowd to many plants into the allotted space or you may end up with spindly plants and no food.

Plant Name.......Spacing Between Plants and Seeds Thin Young Plants to:

Beets---------------------1 inch 5 inches
Carrots-------------------1/4 inch 2-3 inches
Corn----------------------3-4 inches 6-10 inches
Lettuce-------------------1/2 inch 10-12 inches
Peas----------------------1 inch Don't thin
Peppers-------------------12-18 inches Don't thin
Summer squash in hills----3-4 feet
Tomatoes------------------18-24 inches Don't thin

Be sure to place a tag or marker on each row or area so that you will know what to expect will sprout there and when! Water your garden thoroughly the day before you intend to plant.