Saturday, February 16, 2008

What is Bhut Jolokia?Bhut Jolokia in Assamese means 'Ghost Chillies'. The Bhut Jolokia is a naturally occurring hybrid native to the Assam region of northeastern India.So why is it in news?This chilli has been officially designated as the World's HOTTEST chilli as per The Guinness Book of Records.How hot is this chilli?Heat from chillies is mesaured in Scoville heat units. Bhut Jolokia registers in at1,001,304 Scoville heat units (SHU).Is that a lot?The Red Savina chilli was considered the hottest until now, the heat of which is just half of the Bhut Jolokia at 577,000 SHU. Your average Jalapeno measures in at about 10 000 SHU. Now you know why the Bhut is REALLY hot.In April last year, Dorset claimed to grow the World's hottest chilli, the Dorset Naga that beat the Savina Habanera by almost 60% higher SHU at 876,000. The Naga is actually sold with a health warning and it is found to have originated in Bangladesh. So now, we have the hottest as well as the second hottest coming from the Indian-subcontinent. If the Dorest Naga is supposed to blow your head off, imagine the power of the Bhut!